Photography Tips – Focus on Insects and Flowers With Macro and Close Up Photography

It seems when most people take photographs they act like stiff robots barely moving or bending to get great photos. Thankfully we have the choice!Taking great flower photos is easy when you consider the photography tips in this series. In this article, I want to tell you about the importance of getting closer to flowers for great photographs. I suppose keeping distance from the thing we photograph is a cultural habit. When we take snapshots of people they are almost from about a meter away so perhaps getting less than a third of a meter away from the subject of a photo can be unnerving for some people. Yet when we are aware of our self imposed limitations, we can surpass them and be better because of it.The tip here isn’t something to do 100% of the time, but I would say you should try to take flower photos as close as possible every time you take photos. Also be sure to turn the camera when it gets a better view! Not all photos have to be horizontal either!In fact, it does not hurt to take photos from different distances from an object and different angles. When I take photos of a flower up close, I try to get shots from above, from behind, and to the sides. You never know how it will look until you try it!One method to try is getting first as close as possible while still being able to focus on the flower or other object like a bee. This will vary according to your camera and if you have manual focus and the option to use lens attachments. If you can use a macro lens with a tripod you can even get ants and tiny insect or a single flower petal in one photo with amazing clarity.Take a few photos up close then move back a little and repeat. Again move back a little more and get different angles. Eventually you will be far enough away you might have a cluster of flowers in the photo.When you get home, transfer them to your computer and open them up both big and small in your post-processing application like Photoshop. Select the best of each angle and distance and start enhancing! Remember the camera does not see the same way our eyes do so at least basic editing will be needed.If you are lucky, you will have an entire series of amazing photos that an art collector will love as framed prints.

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